Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website, and for your interest in my campaign.   I’m running because I believe that all children deserve good strong schools.  I have the experience to know the issues that CMS faces and the dedication to see them through.

My work in education first started when issues arose at my children’s own schools.  I dove in to propose and advocate for common-sense solutions and I haven’t stopped since.

CMS faces a lot of issues—student assignment, superintendent selection, and overcrowding to name a few.  We need a leader on the school board who can bring people from different parts of our community together and find the solutions that are best for our kids, our schools and our teachers.  I am that leader. I will look at the evidence to create good policy.  I will seek input from parents, teachers, students, and community leaders to do what’s best for our children. Together, we’ll make smart policy that’s best for the future of CMS.

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. I’d appreciate your support for school board at large on November 3rd.



Elyse Dashew