The Big Push – How YOU Can Help

This is it. Early voting is in full swing and next Tuesday is the election. So what can you do to make sure next Wednesday is a really happy day? Here’s a volunteer guide with many suggestions to support the campaign. Pick a few or all and let as many people know about Elyse as you can.


Vote Early until Saturday, October 31st at any of these early voting locations. Vote early now so you can help us with the big push to Election Day with your vote in the bank for Elyse.  Take your family and friends with you! If you don’t make by the 31st, make SURE you go vote on November 3rd.
Come up with a plan to vote– when are you going?  How will you get there?  Who will come with you?  Then execute the plan and cast your ballot! You’ll be glad you did!

Facebook Art

Let #VoteElyse do a “guest takeover” on your Facebook page until election. Just copy one of the profile pics or the yard sign cover image below—or both if you’re a super supporter. Both are sized just for Facebook. For support on editing your Facebook page go here.

VoteElyseProfile2 VoteElyseProfile1ElyseYardSignFBCover


Text Campaign

Here’s a simple, effective way to get the Elyse vote out by getting the voters out: do a text campaign asking your friends and family to vote for Elyse at Early Voting (ending this Saturday, Oct 31, 10 AM) again on Election Day. Use a happy emoticon, too!

Suggested message:

Hi, I wanted to remind my friends that early voting has begun — please vote for Elyse Dashew (school board) and I ask you to spread the word. Early voting locations here:
(The link goes to Elyse’s website with the map and times for Early Voting across the county.)


Phone Banking – Call Your Neighbors & Friends

Join us for one or both phone banking parties:  Sunday, Nov. 1st, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and Monday, Nov. 2nd, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  Any amount of time you can spend is great and is appreciated. Click on the graphic below and go to the Dashew for School Board Facebook events page to RSVP (must be signed into Facebook).



Greet People At The Polls

Greet early voters outside polling locations with a smile and a piece of smart-looking Dashew for School Board literature. It’s a really positive atmosphere,and you never know who you’ll meet! The locations and times are managed through and you will need a user account. But it’s easy! Just click here.

If you want to greet voters on November 3rd outside polling locations, please click here to email.


Pole Greeter




Send a note to other supporters of public schools to introduce Elyse. Here’s a suggested note and subject line, including a great photo!

SUBJ: Why I’m Voting For Elyse Dashew for School Board

Elyse Dashew for CMS School Board


I know that you are as passionate as I am about making sure all kids get a quality education. We face a lot of challenges here in CMS.  Our schools are overcrowded– some of our schools are nearing 200% capacity and it will only get worse as Mecklenburg gets bigger. We’ll need to name the next CMS Superintendent.  Plus, we’re getting ready to tackle a new student assignment plan and we need to make sure that all kids get to go to a good, strong school.

 Luckily, there’s a School Board candidate with the experience to know the issues and the determination to see them through: Elyse Dashew. She is a proven leader, problem solver and coalition builder.  Here’s some of the things she’s done that I’m most impressed by:

  • She led the charge to get a nurse placed in every CMS school
  • She has helped interview finalist candidates in a district superintendent search
  • She brought various groups together to form a strong, united voice to save hundreds of teacher jobs during a major budget cut
  • As a steering committee member she helped pass a county education bond package of $290 million for CMS and CPC

What’s even more impressive is that she’s accomplished all this as a concerned parent. She’s done so much already– just imagine what she can do once she’s elected to school board! I personally can’t wait to see that sort of power and passion come into play when she is elected to School Board at Large on November 3rd. You can learn more about Elyse, her experience, and her campaign at Please join me in voting for Elyse Dashew!

Thank you.



Yes, good old fashioned talking with neighbors is a great way to galvanize support. Tell them why Elyse is your kind of leader. Remember to ask them to talk to their friends and family, too.


Share Videos

Everyone loves videos these days and we have a few short ones that are worth sharing on whatever social media platform you wish! Just click the share icon in the upper right corner as you’re playing the videos, or copy the link below them and paste into a message to friends.


Hashtag #VoteElyse

Well, this is an easy one. Go on a hashtagathon with #VoteElyse on all your tweets and posts. Challenge yourself. Prove to everyone you must be really serious about education and really supportive of Elyse.



You’ve always wanted to be in show business, now’s your chance. Radio is an effective medium for us, but producing and running our spot is expensive. Help by supporting us with a donation. Click on the radio to hear what you’ll help be airing and share this link.
Vintage radio


Yard Sign

This is a bit bigger and more impressive than its Virtual Facebook little brother. Here’s how to obtain one—or a few if you plan on asking neighbors to plant one in their yard!