• Elyse believes that all children should attend good, strong schools.
  • Elyse will work to enact smart, research-based CMS policies—including those for student assignment, curriculum, and testing.
  • Elyse has a strong history of bringing everyone to the table to solve issues with smart, reasonable policy. Community involvement is critical to the success of CMS. Elyse will use her experience in building community support and involvement to the School Board so we can work together to do what’s best for our children.

Elyse’s Stances on the Issues:



Overcrowding_FB_ALT_1of2As Mecklenburg County’s population grows, so do the number of students attending CMS schools. We need more schools and more classrooms.  Watch Elyse’s video on The CMS Overcrowding Crisis, or read her article on overcrowding.

Teachers shouldn’t have to teach classrooms filled to the brim.  Students should get the individualized attention they need.  And whether you call them “learning cottages”, “mobile classrooms”, or trailers, they aren’t a long term solution to CMS’ overcrowding problem.

Elyse is the chair of bond oversight committee and helped build broad community support for school bonds in the past.  She knows what we need to do to raise the funds to make sure we have enough room for all of our children to get the education they deserve.

Student Assignment

We have schools that are thriving. Let’s celebrate and replicate this success.  We also have schools that have the odds stacked against them because of high concentrations of poverty.

Elyse believes that all of our children should attend good strong schools.  There are many ways to make this a reality.  Busing, however, is not one of the solutions on the table.

What is on the table? Elyse believes that as a community, we should discuss updating city housing policy.  Elyse’s own children have attended magnet schools, and she’s a supporter of expanding our magnet opportunities.  We should also find ways to encourage families in diverse neighborhoods to attend their neighborhood schools.

Any new student assignment policy must have broad support from the community in order to work.  Elyse will bring everyone to the table to figure out how to do what’s best for our kids. Watch a video about Elyse’s experience with getting the community to work together.

Finding and Keeping the Best Teachers

Elyse will fight for teachers to get the respect they deserve. Teachers should be paid better and have access to professional development and career coaching opportunities.  She believes we need to work together to make CMS a place where great teachers want to teach.  That’s why she has the support of so many teachers, including 2014 NC Teacher of the Year James Ford. Read more in Elyse’s article about collaborating with teachers.

In 2011 CMS faced nearly $100M in budget cuts. Elyse brought together people from all over the community to let funders know that balancing the budget on the backs of our students was unacceptable.  As a result, hundreds of teacher jobs were saved.  We must form those same types of coalitions to advocate for our teachers at all levels of government.

As a member of the School Board, Elyse will make it a priority to create both the opportunity and the infrastructure for everyone to be better advocates for our students and our teachers.